ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Programme

The ACCA Qualification gives you the most up-to-date skills you need to become a finance professional.
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Whether you're a finance professional looking to develop the strategic leadership capabilities to take your earning potential to the next level - ACCA has a right starting point for you.
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The Qualification

The financial melt-down crisis created since 2006 shifted the focus to quality financial management in today’s fast-paced and changing world. Financial professionals and their application of specially tailored financial tools are required in every organization. Today’s decision makers rely on quality up-to-date information to understand their liabilities and potential risks and especially, when taking financially appropriate actions for growth and development and moving ahead in this fast-paced changing world. No longer are accountants labelled as bean counters with very few skills beyond the art of double-entry bookkeeping: the modern finance professional provides a much broader scope of financial support to the organization and this requires enhanced skills and competencies designed to cover a range of disciplines such as;

   – financial reporting,
   – management accounting,
   – financial management,
   – strategic management,
   – law, auditing and taxation,
   – corporate governance, risk management and ethics 
ACCA prepares financial professionals ensuring financial competencies achieved in the courses rank at the highest level of international standards ensuring the professional support and expectations of the organization. ACCA qualifications understanding and making those tough decisions necessary for advancing in their local market and globally.
Registration is the first step to obtain the ACCA qualification, learners engage in their professional study courses and apply their knowledge and skills towards passing 14 examinations. Examinations are divided into three modules known as Knowledge, Skills, and Professional. Details of the examinations can be found on our ACCA fact sheet and most students take from two to three years to complete the course offerings. Practical experience is also a requirement for the qualification and can be accumulated before, during, or after the examinations.
The global outreach of ACCA
ACCA stands out as a major top internationally recognised finance qualification recognized world-wide. The ACCA professional qualification is widely recognized by governments, employers, educational authorities and other institutions around the world for well over 100 years. Members with the ACCA qualification are found in 173 countries around the world and enjoy mutual recognition agreements with professional bodies in other countries such as those in Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. Every eight minutes someone, somewhere in the world, registers as a student with ACCA and there are now more than 350 examination centres in 160 countries, including Armenia.
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ACCA’s core purpose is to offer career opportunities to participants with talent, regardless of their background. In Armenia the ACCA qualification is probably more suitable for someone who has a university degree but it is not necessary for that degree to be in a business or economics discipline. In fact, trainees with non-relevant degrees, such as languages or music, are often very successful as finance professionals
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