As with all ACCA exams, tutors will need to have sound

technical knowledge as well as an exam-focused approach to

their teaching.

In addition, tutors will need to be able to explain the importance

of professional skills, how they are relevant to the new exam and

how students can demonstrate them in their answers.


These changes will be introduced from October 2017 with the

introduction of the Ethics and Professional Skills module. So there

is no immediate impact on the current ACCA Qualification.


Professional accountants need to demonstrate that they

understand and can apply ethical behaviour in real-world work

situations. And they must be capable of doing this in broader,

more complex scenarios where integration with technical and

professional skills is key. So in the Ethics and Professional Skills

module – the first of its kind – you will meet a number of these

real-world work scenarios to help you develop your professional

and ethical skills.

The new Ethics and Professional Skills module will also support

you to exam success at Strategic Professional level. To take

maximum advantage of the support provided by the module,

you should complete it before attempting any exams at Strategic

Professional level.