ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in Armenia

Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the learning and development that you’ll do throughout your membership. Your CPD is a vital part of your ACCA membership that helps you to unlock the potential of your life-long career journey and shape the future of the profession. CPD will provide you with the skills that you need to perform your day-to-day job, as well as enhance your employability for the future. More

Personal Development

Employers are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in their staff and often have structures and processes in place to provide opportunities for the training and development of their employees. Nonetheless, managers also need to take personal responsibility for renewing and updating their skills and knowledge throughout their working lives. Personal development is a continuous lifelong process of nurturing, shaping and improving skills and knowledge to ensure maximum effectiveness and ongoing employability. Personal development does not necessarily imply upward movement; rather, it is about enabling individuals to improve their performance and reach their full potential at each stage of their career.

Career Advancement

The broad range of competencies developed by an ACCA trainee can be applied in a variety of employment sectors, including professional practice, industry, public utilities, charities another not-for-profit organizations. ACCA members working in industry often become chief financial officers with executive board responsibilities. Although an ACCA qualification gives the holder excellent career opportunities in its own right, some holders prefer to take advantage of how it provides accelerated access to other post graduate qualifications such as the MBA awarded by various respected universities around the wold.

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