Oxford Brookes University Bachelor's Degree Programme in Armenia

Application Procedure

Key Dates


Spring Intake, 2021


Fall Intake, 2021

Online application deadline

25 Fabruary


25 August

Logical reasoning exam

28 February


30 August

Business English test

28 February


30 August

Admission Interview

5 March


5 September

Acceptense letter

10 March


10 September

Start of academic year

15 March


15 September

Quick English Test

Entry English Test is a a two-hour test with max scores of 100. There are 4 sections: reading, listening, writing, speaking.

Online Application

Admission process starts with the online application. The Admissions Committee will then conduct a thorough review of your application. One week after the application deadline date the applicant will be invited to take an English and Math tests and to be interviewed.

Business English & Logical Reasoning Entry Exam

Entry Math Test is a two-hour test with 30 questions. The max scores are 80 points.

Pass Scores: the pass score is calculated by average right answer rates of Entry English and Entry Math Tests. The Pass Score Rate is 60%.

Admission Interview

We will consider the academic and personal information, educational background, entrance tests average rates, volunteer experience, the motivation letter, the interview. The applicant will get the admission notifications a week after the interview by email and phone.

Acceptance Letter & Start of Academic Year

Acceptance letter is sent during 10 working days after the interview and students are provided with all detailed information about the start of academic year.
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