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  • Financial Statement Analysis (Online)

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    This course is an ideal match for those who wish to develop knowledge and skills to read beyond numbers in the financial statements, to be able to compute, interpret and analyze main ratios of profitability, liquidity, efficiency and gearing, to reveal the trends, hidden in the statements. The participants will gain insights on how financial statements may be manipulated to produce the desired effect, what problems can be caused by using historic financial information and what is the effect of changes in accounting policies.

    Benefits to your organization

    The participants will be able to conduct basic ratio analysis, interpret and analyze the financial statements, used in the business environment and draw valid conclusions from the information contained within them.

    Target audience

    Beginners, wishing to join reporting, budgeting, risk management, investment banking and auditing teams, personal bankers, officers, involved in business assessment and lending decisions.

    Learning outcomes

    • Calculate key financial ratios: profitability, liquidity, efficiency, gearing and investor ratios
    • Interpret the relationship between the various ratios
    • Conduct analysis of entity’s performance, based on financial and non-financial data

    Learning approach

    • Presentations and lectures
    • Practical real life examples
    • Case studies
    • Forum discussions
    • Quizzes
    Prerequisites: Financial Accounting

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