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  • CMI Level 7 Unit 7013 Strategic leadership Preparation Course

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    The workshop covers both theories and practical aspects of leadership via the following areas:

    • aspects of leadership — including the difference between leaders and managers and the various characteristics and contributions of leaders
    • leadership motivations and behaviours — the interaction of leaders and followers from the viewpoint of inner motivationand outward behaviours, including transactional and transformational theories of leadership, leadership styles, and level 5 leadership
    • leadership context — the strategic, situational and cultural aspects that leaders have to work within and adapt to, how they can change these contexts, and the notion of leadershipas less of a control issue than an ‘emerging’ one as leadership strategies make an impact on organisational direction
    • leadership vision and values — the strategic aspect of leadership as expressed through vision and values, including communicating the vision, building trust, authentic leadership and how to be an ethical leader.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Understand an organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership
    • Understand strategic leadership styles
    • Understand leadership strategies and their impact on organisation direction*