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  • Adaptive Leadership

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    This transformative 2-day course is tailored for CEOs, managers, government employees, businessmen, and nonprofit activists at any point in their careers. Designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, this course builds upon the extraordinary expertise of people who are part of the global “adaptive leadership network. This groundbreaking model of leadership focuses on building the adaptive capacity among people and within organizations.

    The purpose of this course is to increase one’s capacity to lead with and without authority, across boundaries, and from any political or organizational position.

    In a world where most organizations, communities, and societies face enormous adaptive pressures, the practice of leadership is critical, since it leads to the practice of mobilizing systems of people to thrive in changing and challenging times. In this course, we apply theory to practice, clarifying the relationship among key concepts – leadership, management, authority, power, influence, followership, and citizenship – to provide a practical and coherent theoretical framework. We develop both diagnostic tools for analyzing the complexity of change in social systems, and strategies of action. These action strategies include: using authority and power, mobilizing responsibility across boundaries, managing economies of attention, generating innovation, building trust, orchestrating multi-party conflict, regulating disequilibrium, refashioning narratives to both build and depart from history, and building a culture of adaptability for the long-term. In addition, we will begin to explore the challenges of managing the inevitable personal stresses and dangers of leading change.

    Course Benefits to you and your organization:

    While participating in our 2-day “Adaptive Leadership Course” participants     will draw from some of the most exciting developments on organizations and what it means to lead them. Through both an applied and conceptual toolbox, you will gain direct access to and harness powerful sources of extraordinary performance in your organization.

    Get ready to arm yourself with the mandatory leadership skills crucial for driving unprecedented results through your colleagues and the organization as a whole.

    You will:

    • Differentiate leadership from exercising authority
    • Differentiate technical problems from adaptive challenges
    • Make the challenge a possibility
    • Understand why organizations, communities, teams and people avoid coming to terms with reality, engaging in effective change and working on their most complex problems
    • Acquire important skills and tools to lead diverse organizations, groups and communities
    • Avoid leadership pitfalls, understand the reasons for resistance to change, and “survive” in chaotic and conflictual situations
    • Mobilizing multiple stakeholder groups across boundaries
    • Utilizing power and authority more effectively
    • Apply leadership theories and evidence-based research to complex frontline leadership challenges.

    The world needs leaders.

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