Risk Management

4 May


50 000 AMD

About the course

This course is designed to provide a foundation in engaging world of risk management. The coverage of the course is quite extensive. It will create rigorous foundation, which can be bases for further development in the particular areas of risk management and/or enlarge knowledge for better understanding the essence of banking. The course also covers the principles and regulatory requirements of risk management including international standards such as Basel committee accords

Benefits to your organization

After participation of employees in the course the organization will have a better prepared personnel who regardless of the position held will have clear understanding in risk management and will use risk management principles in their daily work and in the decision making process. The employees will have board knowledge, which will help them to understand better all types of threats that the organization is exposed to including operational risks, financial risks, credit risks etc.

Learning outcomes

The attendee will gain basic knowledge of the risk management process and steps, get initial understanding of the building blocks of risk management, will develop understanding of foundations of credit risk and will get comprehensive insights into the operational risk management.

Who Can Apply?

The course will be beneficial for those who are new in the field of Banking, and also for those how are already working in the area but are interested in getting broader knowledge or making another step in getting specialized in risk management. Employees of risk management departments, branch managers, heads of units of banks and credit organizations, accountants, reporting specialists’ auditors.

      Course prerequisites: Basic knowledge on banking


Ani Ghambaryan

Risk Management Department Director

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