Credit Risk Management

1 June


45 000 AMD

About the course

This course introduces credit risk and introduces credit risk: focusing on the analysis of credit risk, and explaining the management of credit risks. The course addresses credit risk by focusing defining and explaining the source of credit risk, providing a detailed overview of lenders and borrowers, characteristics of credit products, goes deep no the specific features of portfolio risk management as well as Basel standards on credit risk management process. The coverage of the syllabus is quite extensive and we will cover basics of credit risk, will be able to understand where it can happen, how it can be measured and understand why banks are required to hold equity capital against losses.

Benefits to your organization

By the end of the course the participants will be armed with skills and knowledge that will help, them to make decisions not only based on the results of the financial and ratio analysis, but will consider also the specifics of the businesses, management style and type, as well as analyzing business owners and economic considerations. The organizations can be sure that the participants of the course will not only enlarge their knowledge but will be able to analyze the real needs of the clients and compliance of needs with the financial products. The participants will be able to implement in the organization up to date and internationally acceptable methods of portfolio management.

Learning outcomes

• Characteristics and risks associated with credit products of credit products

• The Credit analysis process, Creditworthiness of the clients: Assessment and important components

• Deep knowledge on Basel accords’ requirements on credit risk management

• Sound skills on portfolio management

Who Can Apply?

Client relationship managers, loan officers, credit and business analysists, credit risk management professionals, advisories involved in provision of credit and products to SMEs, compliance officers, controlling function professionals, auditors. As well as any person who plans to start career in banks or other financial institutions.

       Course prerequisites: Basic knowledge on banking


David Grigoryan

Chief Risk Specialist
Armenian Leasing Company CJSC

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